Amazing Places to Visit in Chandigarh Tricity – A Traveler’s Guide with Gadget Rental Options

Amazing Places to Visit in Chandigarh Tricity – A Traveler’s Guide with Gadget Rental Options

Amazing Places to Visit in Chandigarh Tricity – A Traveler’s Guide with Gadget Rental Options

Are you planning a trip to in Chandigarh Tricity, the vibrant tourist hub in North India? If yes, you’re in for an exciting journey filled with exploration and discovery. This guide is dedicated to giving you comprehensive tourism-related information to make your trip memorable.

Tricity, encompassing Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panchkula, is renowned for its meticulously planned urban layout. These cities boast a plethora of amazing places where tourists can indulge in shopping, savor delicious cuisines, venture into exciting explorations, and partake in joyful activities. Each city, with its unique charm, offers a blend of cultural richness and modern amenities, making them must-visit destinations near Chandigarh.

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This post serves as a true guide for people visiting Tricity, providing insights into some fantastic places you can explore. Below, you will find a list of the best places to visit in and around Chandigarh, ensuring your visit is as enriching and delightful as the cities themselves.

Embrace the opportunity to explore Tricity with ease and convenience, thanks to Gadget Rental India, and immerse yourself in the unique experiences these cities have to offer. Happy traveling!

Places to visit in Mohali

Punjab Cricket Association Stadium (PCAS): Known as the Mohali Cricket Stadium, located in Sector-63, this iconic sports venue is a must-visit, especially during the IPL season for electrifying T20 matches.

Image Credit – Hindustan Times

VR Punjab Shopping Mall: Situated along the Chandigarh-Ropar highway, near Kharar, VR Punjab is a shopper’s paradise with an array of restaurants, food courts, and shops.

Image Credit – VR Punjab

Silvi Park: Offering a tranquil retreat, this park, lined with green lawns and flowering plants, is ideal for a leisurely stroll away from the city’s hustle.

Thunder Zone Amusement Park: Located on the Mohali-Sirhind road, this amusement park promises thrilling water and amusement activities, perfect for a family outing.

Baba Banda Singh Bahadur War Memorial: This memorial in Sector-93, spreading across 20 acres, honors the bravery and martyrdom of its namesake warrior.

Places to visit in Chandigarh:

Sukhna Lake: A serene spot with a long walking track beside an artificial lake, offering beautiful views near the Kasauli hills.

File:Sukhna lake landscape.jpg

Rock Garden: A unique garden in Sector-1, showcasing sculptures made from ceramic waste and broken home appliances, reflecting the art of recycling.

File:Rock Garden, Chandigarh-statues boy.jpg

Sector 17 Market: A bustling shopping hub with a mix of local and brand shops, perfect for experiencing the city’s vibrant commercial scene.


Photograph by – Sukhjinder

Rose Garden (Zakir Hussain Rose Garden): Located in Sector-16, this sprawling garden features over 1600 species of roses, offering a slice of nature’s beauty.

Places to visit in Panchkula:

Mansa Devi Temple: A revered Hindu pilgrimage site, this temple draws large numbers of devotees, especially on Sundays.

Image Credit – Trawell

Chhatbir Zoo: Providing a rich wildlife experience with various species, including leopards, Bengal tigers, and elephants.

Pinjore Garden: A Mughal-style garden, known for its splendid lighting, lush greenery, and fountains, located near the Kalka-Shimla highway.

Morni Hills: Famous for its diverse bird species, Morni Hills offers an escape into nature’s lap, just outside Panchkula.


Each of these destinations in Tricity offers a unique glimpse into the region’s rich cultural tapestry and modern vibrancy. Whether you’re here for the history, nature, shopping, or sports, Tricity has something special for every traveler. Embark on this journey and discover the wonders of Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panchkula!